assalamualaikum ...and hye..hye to readers..hye to friends..hye to this blog !
now...let me tell u about AQURA'S SOAP...

tehee...what is that??
never heard about his??
ahaa...this is the right time for me to tell more..because final exam is going on...

AQURA'S SOAP..IS THE BEST SOAP AMONG DA BEST..teheee..~'s up to body of that users..
Aqura Carbon Soap deeply cleanses with a gentle touch. Born of high temperature and intense heat, carbon is the core ingredient behind the effectiveness of Aqura. 
Negative Ions & Far Infrared Rays
Acti-Carbon emits Negative Ions. Called “Vitamin in the air”, Negative Ions help haemoglobin in the blood to move nutrients and create energy.
Acti-Carbon also emits Far-Infrared Rays that have been proven by scientists to promote the growth and health of living cells.

some of the Nano Silver is left behind on the skin and in the pores, the benefit can also extend beyond the actual time of washing, giving you long lasting freshness on your skin.

Carbon Aqura Soap Features:

        Lighten & soften the skin with a soft

        Preven Itching and eliminate body odor

        Refreshing for the long term

        Getting rid of acne aging

       Chlorine-free detergent

        Able to eliminate eczema


        kills germs

    When will you be using Carbon Aqura Soap?
        Before beginning a long journey
        Before attending a meeting or a long lecture
        Before starting to work for night shift
        Before beginning an examination revision

    How to use  Aqura soap:

    1. Open your rings and watches.

    2. Wet the face and arms
       Rub soap to foam

    3. Rub soap foam to the face and arms and leave it for 2 minutes

    4. Rinse well with water

ahaaa..only rm 10..don't worry..because we have many ways to deliver and anyone can contact us..see at contact details ok..~

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  1. owh, first time dengar tentang sabun ni... kat rumah pakai sabun lux jer :)

    jalan2 sblm tido sambil menjemput singgah ke


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