english day ! belated ! updated !

assalamualaikum..hye awk !
hye my dearest blog !!
muah2..heee..sehari kne bg 1 kiss..bru ler smgt..
(aiyyoo..gilo..penangan study mandariin nihh )

okeh....ini entri dh lme bwt..tp..yg ini update smpi hbisss..heee..cian..duk lme dlm draf aku kn...bwu la dpt mnjenguk ke duniaa pd hri inii..hhaaaaa~

posee je lebeyy..heehhee..syg kwn !
 7 th april 2012..,.,,my friends and I...dot..blaa..blaaa..okeh..mcm nk wt krgn..adehh =.=
SETELAH BERPULUNPULUN..toink sne..toinkk cniiyy..
our english day reach the end~
heeee...the end..!
everything is mess up early in da morniing !..

heeee....some of us have to print out questions..we brought all the things that we need in our games....
we were not decorate that place yet !
heeee...ape laaahh..preparation tak semenggahh..
but..after that...we ..together....setting all the preparation..
sweet ziqaahh..ngeehhheeee~

huhhuu....we have ICT department kn..head of department.., names ziqah..she manages laa..laptop...speaker..ape sume.....very loud sound !
hehh..pecah gegendang telinga ku..
syg ziqahh kecohh !

seriouss je kn....(register je)..hee
next..when registration...all participants which join our games got souvenier..heee..sgt...heee....sje2..suke2..

kan kite nih join sebab nk hadiiah...

but...the popular activities...is..dart games !

 eh.., ade dart la kt blkg tuhh ! heeehheee..ILOIKE ! syiokk..walau aku tak gheti pun maen =.=

we also play other games..except..'MUSIC CHAIR'..
tp yg almost..org men dart games jeepp..kih2,,.
ape pun...its enjoy..even tired jugk !
 i had joined many activities there....which organized by all dip sem 2..n..degrees student..beberapa..lah..budak sem 4..if im not wrong.....

groupp 2DCF B ! we  shared same class in that event..but..they are others team laa..

hehheee...abg ijaaauuu ! power rangers MICET ea..hehee...

besides...i had won many  prizes..heee..wif my friends..sanah....and aniim syg !
heeeee....sy syg kwn2 sy...kwn2 pn syg sy..heee..memadai la tu..:)

thnks mas.ekiin..fizaah..and sape2 yg join our activities k !

okaayyhh...cik treasurerrr..n...project manager ...shahrul ! lindaa ! thumbs up ! hew3~..dpt adiiah konnonn ! ngeeyy~
ahhaaa..ituh je dulu..SORRRYYYY AND THANK YOU GIRLS !! HUHHUUU..without ur support..this event can not be success !

ok laa..stop skrg..coz..mngntuk sgt laaa skrg..huhuahuheuheuwww..

fuhh..klu tak penaat ~grrr

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