'Segmen Free Doodle Nametag #1 by Huda'

assalamualaikum..w.b.t , slmt sejahtera..

nice.mustache !

hehe..klik lelajuu..b4 21 APRIL niyy ! kalau nk bnde alah cute ni...the cute doodle ! hehee

'Segmen Free Doodle Nametag #1 by Huda'

i had open the link,until loading hbis...and followed her......
im waiting to be a winner....! i want that,please,,plisss..hohoo...i wanna that pink colour la !!
cm yase bro,,ngehehehe~pink always dong !

#that's all..tq!

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  1. Thanks join. Btw Huda dah follow :D

  2. Ni url doodle mustache -> http://i.imgur.com/8YWTlWK.png

    Hope like it ^_^

  3. okehh,,thank u ! I LIKE ! he he


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