1st GA by Hijab Valley


alhamdulillah.still breathing today..now,i would like to join this...
nona and..hijab..cannot be separate..hahaha..
yes, tag dulu to :
 sis nana
sis nisa kay

nice to see my name as winner.. in sha ALLAH..if rezeki for me.. =)
okehh,,just for review.. *cuci mate katenye *

yesss...coz it is in pink color.that's why ILOVE TO REVIEW...
my next entri is my craziness bout PINK !!!! hahahahuahaua~
  notahati : YA ALLAH..kuatkan hati kamii..nak cri rumah sewa..nk studyy tukk final exam..di saat PRU membahangg..hohoh!!!

2 ulasan:

  1. Salam..de segmen yg sama..http://nurnaa-irah.blogspot.com/2013/05/1st-ga-by-hijab-valley.html
    Done Follow here..:-)

  2. datang dari GA yang sama =)



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