FOOD REVIEW : Mencekik Di Makan Place, Taman Molek, Johor


How's life? Nona okay okay je, cuma this week, banyak event and open house.

Ok, nak share story tentang kekenyangan aku makan kat satu tempat yang baru. Yes, chinese punya restaurant, but there is no pork and no lard ~ Konsep digunakan is also suitable for Malay people.

Clean and delicius !

Makan-makan this time is at Taman Molek. I will share location at the end of my post :)

So now .......................

4 Bloggers are coming for makan till full !

Firstly, we all dapat nih

Golden Pumpkin and Mushroom Soup
Both are RM 6.90

Terlalu sweet, pumpkin soup, some people may love this, 
but i prefer more the mushroom soup ! Creamy, memang tasty !

Next, we try all of these ! Nyummyliciousss ~


Simple but delicious !!!

Seafood Aglio-Aglio
RM 15.90

Bahannya ada spaghetti, udang, sotong, kupang, 
and also, tomato cherry, one of healthy ingredients !

Vegetarian Pasta
RM 13.90

Rich with zucchini, tomato sauce, eggplant, mushroom.


Lamb shank 
RM 42.90

Aku suka giler this food ! Lembut bak hang ! 
Chef cakap, nak masak menu ni pon dah lama supaya soft texturenya
Together comes with mashed potato ! I am falling in love with this,

When writing this, my tummy make sound, want it again !!


Asam Pedas Fish 
RM 18.90

Not very spicy, but i can taste the sour, the asam taste inside the meal.
Then I eat with fried rice, umpphhhhhh~ Sedapnyaaa

Kampung Fried Rice
RM 7.90

Ikan bilis cukup, keropok ada, memang rasa chillies dalam tuh,
Hot and spicy jugakk...
Aku memang suka pedas pedas nih, hehe~

Seafood Mee Mamak
RM 9.80

Suka bahan kat dalam, ada kubis, sotong, ayam.
Mee nya lembut, colour tak gelap sangat.

RM 20.90

Usually, eat salmon sushi. only a small pieces.

But this, First time ever makan ikan salmon with teriyaki sauce.

Nona memang favourite ikan. 
This salmon, sangat lembut, tak hanyir dan paling penting.... sedap, kena dengan tekak.

Mixed Salad Pizza 
RM 22.90
Pepperoni Pizza
RM 23.90

I love this very muchh, member kat Facebook pon dah tanya.

Suka sebab it is very crunchy, healthy sebab sayur ada banyak......
and memang rasa cheese leleh dalam mulut okayyyyy~




Dapat Mango Pudding free, for those yang share kat IG and FB

Line tiada for share??
 Don't worry,  FREE  WI-FI available for you all !!


Da bomb, I like all the meals, SUGGESTED tau !
But more loves to the lamb shank, mushroom soup and pizza

Try if you come here !! 

Ok, full, my tummy full !! hehee~

Decoration ?

Ok, I think it is simple, and cute.....clean? of course ! And it has air cond.. I love it !
Oh ya, it is quite romantic too, because of the lamp..hehe~ Let's see.

Can u see, ada basikal letak bunga lah kat bawah tuu.. hehee~ 

At the side...


Guitar?? NO ! It is Ukulele ~ So cute, First time, i saw this concept !

Oitside~ Still ada tempat..hehe

Amazing ! !

Where is it?? 

NO 59, Jalan Molek 3/10,
Taman Molek,
Johor Bahru

Tel : 07-351 8482

Facebook page: MAKAN PLACE

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  1. semua nampak sedap2 😄😄 tak sempat terjah sini masa ke JB aritu. selamat hari raya

  2. nak carilah nanti kalau tersinggah ke johor bahru. :D

  3. sedap kan..the best lamb shank..

  4. Sedapnya makanan...malam malam ni asyik terjumpa blog makan makan jer...lapo...haha

  5. ni yang tak boleh jadi ni..semua kata sedap


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