Love This Decoration for Bedroom

Assalamualikum, syukur masih bernyawa..
Hello !

Tonight, Nona would like to share something happy thing today.
Yes. For those who following me at Facebook, They know I already have a house.
Well, this is a present from my abah...Long-long time ago, time study...Syukur sangat....

EH, Nona writing in English plak malam ni...aigooo~

Ok, short story... this month, penyewa keluar new house..... then we decide to live or use that house.

Syukur, and at the same time actually, abah want to put his business product at the house.. haha.

It's okay for me, because this house very near to my house. Depan rumah je...but selang dua tiga rumah...hehe~

So that, today Nona tolong scrap wall, before paint or put wallpaper. Thinking and visit Deko-deko page at Facebook....sooo busy.hahaha while abah cabut nails, the house has many nails and close the hole which rat can enter from the hole.

My mom? Cabut all tikar getah at room... and clean the bedroom.

Sooo tired ! But I love it !

Now, I am thinking and searching how to decorate house, and room ! But first, I choose to decorate room...because I do not live at the house but maybe sometimes I want to sleep there, or Zumba there.. and I'm thinking to create SOHO area and my dream room ! Wowwwww ! Rumah kecil...But Best to deco-deco....

Let see my finding and I love the decoration. Yes, all are with single bed.. sebab Nona memang not married yet.. muahahaha~ So nak try with single bed....

At my house now, I usually sleep at queen bed with my sister.

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Image result for dekorasi bilik warna pastel

So, cute and beautiful too !

IKEA at Johor will open soon !
Fuhhhh, ready your money, Nona ! 

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  1. Simple and cantik, kan..hehe~
    Nona sukaaa semua..... ada idea deko deko tak..share jugak jomm

  2. CCL suka gambar keempat . Cantik gabungan warna

  3. amboi nona..semangat nak deko bilik ye :)

  4. wah....cepat nona deco..nanti tunjuk kat blog eh

  5. gambar ketiga tu cantik! Rare sikit dari orang lain.

  6. Cantik-cantik.. Suka yang ada pokok tu..

  7. Hehee, ya...semangat nak deko bilik...

    nak deko, nak jugak bgtau sini..tapi belum sempat...huishhh
    cantik, ada pokok tu rasa natural tau..hehe

  8. Great decoration,Sangat menarik,warna-warnanya keren sekali.


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