esok SEPARATION TEST ! jgn berdebar2 nonaaaa !

esok SEPARATION TEST ! jgn berdebar2 nonaaaa !

assalamualaikum and hye, alhamdulillah..still bolehh berfikir..bernafass dan sbgainye :)
well..tomorrow..MANTAP ! ade SEPARATION TEST wooiiii!! hik3~,~ ...aku idaklahh BNECI this subject...byk membce, x lahh byk sgt formulaa mcm REACTOR...subject yg kurang minat for this sem !,  for this subject..., hafal word by word without rase mengntukk perlu diTOUGHkan lg usaha :)  !! its challenging kauu !

ape pun...aku hope do the best.......someone td wt aku sentap...dy said  :: PROJECT MANAGER need the result GEMPAK ! okehh,fineeeeeeee, DAHSYAT lerrrr~.~ NOW, leave to time.leave to ALLAH.ape nak jadi esok.weither aku leh egt semmmuuuaaaa.....or just part of the all notes that i have read TONITE..hohoo @___@

-there r two types !!! ==chemical n mechanical separation ...

 for chemical separation, ade 11 bendaa.. iaitu ::
Abg Derita Lina  Lari Menenagis Cari Adik .., Sanah , Eva Ikut Diam :)

what is that?? ngehehe,,formula sndirii sgt syokkkkk !! haha..okehlaa..that's all..bubyee mlmm..nk FOCUS semulaa...

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